Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pedro Sauer Council for the Global Jiu Jitsu Federation visited V PRO K MMA ACADEMY

The past October 18th, 2014 Master Pedro Sauer was at V PRO K MMA ACADEMY. He came down to teach a 3 hour seminar. All the people present at this wonderful event were amazed of Master Pedro unique way to share his knowledge. Students will ask question and he will answer all of them. We had people coming from different areas of Florida and this seminar was for sure the beginning of much more to come. Master Pedro Sauer is also a Council Member of the new Global Jiu Jitsu Federation that was recently founded by his Master Rickson Gracie. If you wopuld like to learn more about Master Pedro Sauer you can visit his weg page at www.pedrosauer.com

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