Friday, February 5, 2016


For the V PRO K MMA ACADEMY values and character development are priorities for children's life in a world where this is a major issue. The lack of a strong structure in our families and communities have redirect the way we interact withing each other. Major values has been lost in the persuade of new technologies and kids have replaced tablets and cellphones over physical interaction decreasing their ability to be humans to make then careless about feelings like loyalty, love, respect and others. This is why martial arts is a great tool to keep alive the spirit, soul and mind. Invest in your children future by bringing light into their life. Turn off the video game and light up their soul!!! V PRO K MMA ACADEMY MARTIAL ARTS IS THE BEST WAY TO BRING LIGHT INTO YOUR KIDS LIFE!!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR 6 WEEKS COURSE FOR ONLY $19.99 AND GET A FREE UNIFORM. PH: 954 471 1543


The past January 23th, 2016 the V PRO K MMA Academy/Team Pedro Sauer/F.I.U BJJ Club united power to represent at the NEWBREED ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Ricky Semiglia lead the team to bring home gold and silver medals. For all this young guys there no resting time. They train 7 day a week and Jiu Jitsu for them is not just a sport but a life style. Ricky Semiglia is the Head Instructor of the BJJ Adult class at V PRO K MMA Academy and he also the founder of the F.I.U BJJ Club which has been operating for over 4 years now. The V PRO K MMA Academy has been developing many grapples Champs for over the last ten years. Now the Team is preparing for all the major State Tournaments and the Worlds. If you want to learn more about this great team you can visit our web page for more detail;